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Mario Manzanares - Sushi Summer





Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts

UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) – 2008/2013

Master of Video Game Design

UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) – 2012/2013

Key Skills

  • 2D Drawing and painting, both traditionally and digital.
  • Keen understanding of color, silhouette and anatomy.
  • Strong eye for aesthetic and art direction.
  • 3D experience, from high-poly to low-poly and texturing.
  • Communicative, self-motivated and excellent team worker.
  • Native Spanish, fluent in English. Currently studying Japanese!

Recent work experience


Concept artist and illustrator at CodePoKE

Unannounced title [PC] – 2014/present

Game Artist 2D/3D at King Barcelona

Pyramid Solitaire Saga [iOS/Android] – 2013/2014

3D & Photoshop instructor

Summer courses at the UCM – 2012/2013

Freelance concept artist and illustrator

Various projects – 2008/2015


Hi! It’s me, Mario! I’m a spanish young concept artist and illustrator, passionate about video games and with a soft spot for any kind of visual development. I’ve been dreaming about designing memorable worlds for the entertainment industry since I  was a child, when I discovered that animated movies were made but actual real people. Later, like every geek kid of my age, I waited for a Hogwarts acceptance letter that never came. Instead, I had my first computer and I tried some painting software. Man, I might be a muggle, but Photoshop was the closest thing to magic I had ever tried.

After a busy adolescence browsing DeviantArt and drawing characters in every notebook margin, I enrolled to a fine arts degree at the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), where I developed my traditional skills surrounded by oils, turpentine smell, charcoal, huge papers and lots of creative people. Oh, and Hipsters. Tons of them. But college was not all about painting, and I cheated on Photoshop with 3D Max. And then I tried Maya (and I liked it). Not to mention my affair with that new guy in town: Zbrush. But they are just good friends now, and I returned to my true love, Photoshop. Yes, I’m making up love stories with software. Didn’t I told you I’m so lame perfect for this job? Even before finishing my studies I started working for indie games, comics, gaming blogs, teaching, illustrating… So, at the point of my graduation, I had enough experience to work as a freelance for some companies.

Nowadays I’m looking for more thrilling jobs that get me traveling around the world and meet new people. 



(+34) 680 77 08 02

If you are interested in my work, please use the contact form next to this or just drop me a line over email proposing something exciting!


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